How to Obtain Certification for Project Management Professional

Certification Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the most in demand by various industries: IT companies, construction companies and even government agencies require certified personnel in their tenders.

For this reason, one of the best known revolves around the requirement for Professional Development Units (PDU).

What are the requirements for certification as Project Management Professional?

 The Project Management Institute provides only 3 basic requirements.

1. Enough experience of management of projects, PMI asks 4,500 hours.

2. A minimum of 35 hours of proper training in Project Management.

3. Accredited examination.

The test preparation neither requires much dedication or experience, nor with pure knowledge, or capability to pay PMP exam cost, but it requires a mixture of all to achieve the review and accredit answer on the first try.

The PMI asks that candidates have to apply to PMP standards in the projects to be addressed, it is important to mention that you should only report activities related to these standards, any activity outside of this context does not qualify within 4,500 hours requested.

Some companies dedicated to training in project management, deliver their diplomas with PDU's granted, however, they are not required to obtain PDUs for certification, in fact PDUs are only valid for the PMP's already certified as a requirement to preserve or validate certification, additionally, the PDU's can be obtained by various means, including the very practice of PDUs generated standards.

A course on project management supported by a university properly constituted, can fully meet the 35 hours of formal training therefore college courses are generally beyond the 35 hours.

Do the companies registered with the PMI can offer courses for certification valid?

This is one of the great myths generated by some companies when selecting a company to become skilled in this area, we must ensure that your material is prepared by a certified PMP and that instructors are people perfectly capable of transmitting their knowledge further that really engaged in this discipline.

Some companies registered with the PMI assigned instructors medium quality, as the PMI only validates the material and to instructors.

What if you have no experience?

The PMI asks that candidates have 4,500 hours of managing projects that we have to endorse if we touch audit, which is why we must ensure to maintain contact with customers and managers who can help in writing our experience. For people who do not have the experience, an alternative is to seek certification CAPM, which does not require any experience.

The test requires much study and preparation and is also recommended to have sufficient experience in the field because most of the questions are situational in nature, however, over time this test has been revised and enhanced and so is the PMP exam cost, so that we can ensure that measures exactly what is required and should not pose a greater problem if we have the experience and knowledge required.

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